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Tens and Ones Worksheets

Check out our collection of tens and ones worksheets for kids. These sets of printable math worksheets will help kids understand the place values of tens and ones in numbers from 1 - 99. We have several different types to choose from including matching numbers with their 10s and 1s place values, grouping practice, place value identification and more. Kids will have fun while learning to recognize place values of tens and ones.


Counting Tens and Ones

Count the number of groups of tens and ones and write them on the lines.
tens ones worksheet ones tens worksheet

Tens and Ones Place Values

Fill in the boxes with the correct number of tens and ones based on the numbers.
ones tens place values worksheet tens ones place values worksheet

Grouping Tens and Ones Worksheet

Circle each group of ten and then write the number of tens and ones in the boxes.
tens ones grouping worksheet tens ones shapes worksheet

Tens and Ones Matching Worksheets

Draw a line to match the numbers to the correct groupings of tens and ones.
tens ones matching worksheet ones tens matching worksheet

Practice Tens and Ones Worksheet

Read the number of tens and ones and write the correct number on the line.
counting tens and ones count tens and ones worksheet