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Printable Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets is the newest addition to the All Kids Network. This site is dedicated to providing high quality printable worksheets for teachers, parents and other care givers. We have hundreds of free printable preschool worksheets and kindergarten worksheets that are perfect to add to any preschool or kindergarten lesson plan. So far we have collections of worksheets for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, math, phonics and much more and we are adding news ones all the time!

Our Newest Worksheets

preschool and kindergarten worksheets

Check out our latest additions of printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets
Vocabulary Worksheets
Fractions Worksheets
Alphabet Tracing Pages
All About Me Worksheets
Number Bonds Worksheets
Writing Worksheets

Alphabet Worksheets

alphabet worksheets

Our first collection of preschool printable worksheets is dedicated to teaching kids the alphabet. We currently have five sets of alphabet worksheets. These letter worksheets are completely free and printable and perfect for any preschool curriculum.
Alphabet Worksheets

Number Worksheets

number worksheets

Our second collection of preschool printable worksheets is dedicated to teaching kids numbers. This collection of preschool curriculum printables includes traceable numbers, number recognition, counting practice, coloring and more.

Number Worksheets

Shapes Worksheets

shapes worksheets

This collection of printable preschool pages is designed to help teach children their basic shapes. These shapes worksheets include activities to help kids learn to recognize and draw circles, squares, triangles, ovals, rectangles and diamonds.

Shapes Worksheets

Colors Worksheets

colors worksheets

This collection of preschool curriculum worksheets is designed to help teach children their basic colors. These free printable colors worksheets include activities to help kids learn to recognize and practice all their basic colors.

Colors Worksheets

Sizes Worksheets

sizes worksheets

This collection of preschool curriculum worksheets is designed to help teach children basic size concepts like height, length and more. These printable size worksheets include activities to help kids learn concepts like big and small, tall and short, long and short, and same size.

Size Worksheets

Pattern Recognition Worksheets

preschool pattern recognition worksheets

This collection of preschool curriculum worksheets is designed to help teach children the developmental skill of recognizing patterns. These free printable pattern worksheets come in both color and black and white versions and include different levels of difficulty.

Pattern Worksheets

Same and Different Worksheets

preschool same different worksheets

Use these printable preschool curriculum worksheets to help teach kids the concepts of same and different. Kids will learn by practicing recognizing pictures, shapes and words that are either the same as another or different from the rest of a group.

Same / Different Worksheets

Writing Readiness Worksheets

writing readiness worksheets

Make sure you check out this collection of printable preschool worksheets that is dedicated to helping kids develop their fine motor skills and gain those important early writing skills. Lots of traceable lines worksheets that help kids practice all the important lines for writing.

Tracing Lines Worksheets

Scissor Skills Worksheets

scissor skills worksheets

This section of worksheets is dedicated to helping kids develop the important fine motor skill of using scissors. We have a variety of printable worksheets that have kids cut along straight lines, curved lines, zig zag lines and more.

Scissor Skills Worksheets

Time Worksheets

time worksheets

Help kids learn to tell time with this set of printable time worksheets. We have a nice variety of worksheets that help kids learn time by drawing hands on clocks as well as reading the hands and recording the time in varying difficulties.

Time Worksheets

Phonics Worksheets

phonics worksheets

Check out our collection of phonics worksheets that we just created recently. We have a variety of sets of beginning sounds worksheets and rhyming worksheets for you to choose from, so check it out!

Phonics Worksheets

Math Worksheets

math worksheets

Check out our collection of math worksheets for kids. We have lots of printable math worksheets including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have over 100 printable math worksheets for you to print out and use to help your kids learn math!

Math Worksheets

Left Right Worksheets

left right worksheets

Take a look through our collection of printable left right worksheets for kids. We have a few different sets with a variety of fun themes for kids that will keep them engaged and learning to recognize and identify left vs. right.

Left Right Worksheets

Money Worksheets

money worksheets

Check out this collection of money worksheets that will help kids recognize different types of money and their value. We have a variety of sets which will challenge kids and get them counting coins and matching values of money!

Money Worksheets

Sight Word Worksheets

sight word worksheets

This collection of worksheets is geared towards teaching kids sight words. We have a variety of different sight word activities that kids will really enjoy while developing early reading skills!

Sight Word Worksheets

Measurement Worksheets

measurement worksheets

Check out our collection of printable measurement worksheets for kids which includes a bunch of different types of worksheets to help teach kids the concept of measuring things.

Measurement Worksheets

Kids Seasonal and Holiday Worksheets

seasons and holiday worksheets

We've been working on a variety of seasonal and holiday worksheets as part of our related crafts for kids sections on All Kids Network. Check out the following pages of kids crafts and printable worksheets for kids on!

Fall Worksheets
Winter Worksheets
Christmas Worksheets
New Year's Worksheets
More Worksheets

More Kids Worksheets

We have lots of other kids worksheets on our other site - All Kids Network. We'll also be doing more alphabet, number, shapes, etc. pages geared towards preschool and kindergarten curriculum for this site. Please let us know if you have any feedback - we would love to hear it! We have an email link on the bottom of every page.

Bugs Worksheets for Kids
Ocean Animals Worksheets
Farm Animals Worksheets
African Animals Worksheets
Music Worksheets
Weather Worksheets
Space Worksheets

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--- Featured Crafts ---

Winter Crafts for Kids kids winter crafts

Check out our collection of winter crafts for kids that feature all of our favorite winter things including snowmen, snow, hot cocoa and more. Plus we have a bunch of free winter worksheets.

Holiday Worksheets and Crafts holiday worksheets and crafts

We have an awesome collection of holiday worksheets and holiday crafts for you to choose from. You will love our selection of themed worksheets and special homemade crafts that will keep your kids engaged and learning during each of the holiday seasons.

Crafts for Kids
crafts for kids

All Kids Network is the home to hundreds of kids crafts for just about all categories including holidays, the seasons, educational, animals and much more!

Certificates for Kids
certificates for kids

Check out our collection of certificates for kids which are perfect for rewarding kids for special accomplishments, good behavior and more!

Dinosaur Crafts
dinosaur crafts

Check out our collection of dinosaur crafts including this fun Shape-O-Saurus which is a big hit with kids and helps teach shapes. We have plenty of other original dinosaur crafts to choose from.

Alphabet Crafts
alphabet crafts

Check out our collection of alphabet crafts that we have been building out. We have craft ideas that can be used for the whole alphabet and we are making a letter craft for each letter of the alphabet.

Farm Animal Crafts
farm animal crafts

Check out our collection of farm animal crafts including sheep, cows, chickens, pigs and all of kids farm favorites. We have plenty of fun crafts to choose from.

Kids Caterpillar Craft
bug crafts for kids

This caterpillar craft is a really fun craft for preschoolers and our daughter just loved it (that's why we had to make four!). Check out this and the rest of our fun bug crafts for kids!

Ocean Animals Crafts
ocean animals crafts

Kids will love our set of ocean animals crafts for kids that include all of kids favorites like whales, octopus, starfish, crabs, jellyfish and more! Plus we have a collection of printable ocean animals worksheets that kids will love.

Book Crafts
book crafts

Take a look at our book crafts which are all designed to go along with some of kids favorite and most popular books.

Card Crafts
card crafts

If your kids need to make a homemade card, check out our collection card crafts which include cute and fun ideas for a wide variety of occasions.

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