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Measurement Worksheets

Check out our set of printable measurement worksheets that are designed to help kids learn how to measure things. We have several different types to choose from. We have easy measurement worksheets where kids are asked to color in the measuring stick up to the size of an object. We also have slightly more difficult worksheets that ask kids to cut out a measuring stick provided at the bottom of the page and use it to measure things on the page. Just click on any of the images below to view and print your copy.


Easy Measurement Worksheets

This set of easy measurement worksheets asks children to look at lines and color in a measuring stick to the correct height or length to match the lines. These are great starter measuring worksheets for young kids.
easy measurement worksheet height easy height measurement worksheet
easy measurement worksheet length easy length measurement worksheet

Measure Things Worksheets

This group of printable measurement worksheets each has its own theme. Kids get to cut out the measuring bar and use it to measure the height of trees and buildings as well as the length of crayons and pencils.
measuring buildings worksheet measuring trees worksheet
measuring pencils worksheet measuring crayons worksheet

Measurement Worksheets

Check out this set of measurement worksheets which combines the action of measuring with activity of coloring. Kids are asked to come up with the correct measurement and color the bars to the correct height or length.
measurement worksheet height height measurement worksheet
measurement worksheet length length measurement worksheet

Measuring Worksheets

This set of measuring worksheets asks kids to cut out the measuring bar at the bottom of the page and use it to measure the bars and then to write the correct height or length measurement on the line provided.
measuring worksheet height height measuring worksheet
measuring worksheet length length measuring worksheet