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Greater and Less Than

Check out our collection of free printable greater and less than worksheets for kids. We have a nice variety to choose from and they range in difficulty. Children will learn to recognize numbers that are greater or less than other numbers, they will learn which way the symbols should point (ex. the symbol always points to the number that is less). We have some that even include simple math comparisons as well as sequencing numbers from least to greatest.


Easy Greater and Less Worksheets

Count the objects in each box and then circle the correct symbol for greater or less than.
easy greater less worksheet simple greater less than worksheet

Less and Greater Than Worksheets

Follow the instructions to find all the numbers that are greater than in one box and less than in the other.
less greater worksheet less and greater than worksheet

Greater and Less Worksheets

Count the objects and write the numbers on the lines. Then circle the greater than or less than symbol.
greater less worksheet 1 greater less worksheet 2

Greater, Less and Equal

Perform the basic math equations and then fill in the correct symbol for greater, less than or equal.
greater less equal greater less math worksheet

Greater Than and Less Than Worksheets

Write the word "greater" or "less" and circle the correct greater than or less than symbol.
greater than less than greater and less

Least to Greatest Sequencing

Sequence the numbers in each of the boxes to put the numbers in order from least to greatest.
least greatest worksheet least to greatest worksheet