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Learn Colors > Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

Color Recognition Worksheets for Kids

Help kids learn to recognize colors with this set of preschool printable color worksheets. This set of color worksheets is geared for kids to practice color recognition and would be perfect as part of any preschool curriculum. Each worksheet focuses on one color and asks kids to recognize the objects on that page that are the specific color. These printable pages will help kids recognize all their basic colors; red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, brown, black and white.


Printable Color Recognition Sheets

recognize colors worksheets Take a look at the image to the left for a sample of these color recognition worksheets for kids. Kids practice their colors by finding and circling all the images of a given color within each worksheet. All the worksheets are saved in pdf format which means you will need adobe acrobat or similar pdf reader software (Download Adobe Reader for Free if you need it). These colors worksheets are fully formatted and ready for you to print and use with your kids. We hope you enjoy these color recognition sheets we created and we'd love to hear any feedback you have - our contact email is on the bottom of this page.