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Opposites Worksheets

Help kids learn the concept of things that are the opposite with this set of printable opposites worksheets. We have a nice variety of opposites worksheets that include matching opposites, learning opposite words and draw things that are the opposite. These make great preschool or kindergarten worksheets and make a perfect addition to any teacher's lesson plan or home school agenda. Take a look at any of these printable learning pages by clicking the images below and then printing out the pdf worksheets.


Matching Opposites Worksheets

match opposites worksheets Help kids learn the concept of opposites with this collection of printable opposites worksheets. Kids are asked to draw a line from each picture on one side of the page to the picture that is its opposite on the other side of the page.
Matching Opposites Worksheets

Drawing Opposites Worksheets

drawing opposites worksheets This set of opposites worksheets is engaging for kids because it actually asks kids to draw a picture of something that is an opposites. These worksheets show a picture of something and then have an empty box with the name of the opposite thing and ask kids to draw a picture.
Draw Opposites Worksheets

Opposite Words Worksheets

opposite words worksheets Kids will learn about opposites as well as practice writing words with this set of printable opposites worksheets. Each printable has pictures of opposite things along with traceable names for each of the items and its opposite.
Opposite Words Worksheets