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Synonym and Antonym Worksheets

This group of free worksheets is geared towards teaching kids what synonyms and antonyms are and how to recognize them. We have a nice variety to choose from. We have some worksheets that are focused on just synonyms and some just for antonyms as well as some that teach both at the same time. We recommend you use them as a set and when your child(ren) complete these, you can feel confident that they understand the concept of what synonyms and antonyms are.


Matching Synonyms and Antonyms

Start with this set as it explains what synonyms and antonyms are.
matching synonyms matching antonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms Worksheets

These worksheets combine practice of synonym and antonym recognition at the same time.
antonym synonym worksheet synonyms antonyms worksheet

Practice Synonyms and Antonyms

Practice recognition of synonyms and antonyms individually with these worksheets.
synonyms worksheet antonyms worksheet

Synonym and Antonym Word Scrambles

These are a little more challenging. Unscramble words that are synonyms or antonyms.
synonyms word scramble antonyms word scramble