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Pattern Worksheets > Difficult Pattern Recognition - Worksheet #2

Difficult Pattern Recognition - Worksheet #2

This worksheet is a little challenging and its the second in this set of pattern recognition worksheets for kids. The patterns in this page are missing shapes from within the pattern instead of just at the end like our other worksheets. This is the color version of this worksheet - we also have a black and white version of this beginner pattern recognition page. Click the image below to view and print your copy of this difficult pattern recognition worksheet.

  View and Print Your Difficult Patterns Worksheet #2
difficult patterns worksheet
This difficult pattern recognition - worksheet #2 and the others on this site are all free to print and use. Use as many copies as you like at home or in a class room, but don't reproduce them on another website or other media. You are more than welcome to link to us from a website you have, but we have worked hard to create these worksheets, so please don't take our content to use as your own.

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