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Math Help - Addition Worksheets

Help kids with learning math by using these addition practice worksheets. This set of printable addition worksheets includes lots of math problems that vary in difficulty. They range from two digit, two addend without carrying to more complicated 3 digit, 4 addend with carrying worksheets. These worksheets provide fun math activities for kids that will keep them interested in learning addition.


3 Digit Addition Worksheet

addition math worksheet 1
This worksheet has addition problems with three digits which is just a little more challenging then some of our other worksheets.
Addition Worksheet 1 (Answer Key)

4 Digit Addition Worksheet

addition math worksheet 2
This worksheet is a set of four digit math addition problems for kids. These math problems are a good step towards the rest of our worksheets.
Addition Worksheet 2 (Answer Key)

2 Digit, 3 Addend Addition

3 addend addition worksheet
All the math problems on this worksheet are two digits with three addends. This will challenge early math students with the carrying.
Addition Worksheet 3 (Answer Key)

3 Digit, 3 Addend Addition Worksheet

addition math worksheet 4
The math problems on this printable addition worksheet are all three digits and have three addends.
Addition Worksheet 4 (Answer Key)

4 Digit, 3 Addend Addition Worksheet

math worksheet for kids
This worksheet includes addition problems with four digits and three addends. Use the links below to view and print the worksheet and answer key.
Addition Worksheet 5 (Answer Key)

3 Digit, 4 Addend Addition Worksheet

addition worksheet for kids
This worksheet is a bit challenging for kids just learning addition. It includes math problems with three digits and four addends.
Addition Worksheet 6 (Answer Key)