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Adding Worksheets

Help kids learn addition with these sets of printable adding worksheets. We have a couple different sets that make it easy for kids to learn addition by adding the pictures of things like vehicles, balls, fruits, shapes, etc and writing the basic addition equations. These are the perfect compliment to any preschool or kindergarten addition lesson plan.


Adding Worksheets

This set of adding worksheets helps kids learn addition by getting them to count the number of objects (which are themed in each worksheet) and write them on the lines to form a basic addition equation and then to find the sum.
adding worksheet animals adding worksheet fruit
adding worksheet sports adding worksheet shapes

Addition Equations Worksheet

This group of printable adding worksheets is also focussed on helping kids learn the basics of addition by getting them to count the numbers of objects in each group and write the numbers on the lines to form basic addition equations.
addition equations worksheet fruit addition equations worksheet shapes
addition equations worksheet vehicles addition equations worksheet animals

Addition Problems Worksheets

These addition worksheets show groups of animals, vehicles, shapes and musical instruments and ask kids to add up the total in each problem and write the correct number on the line.
animals addition problems vehicles addition problems
shapes addition problems musical instruments addition problems