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Second Grade Pronoun Worksheets

This set of three worksheets will help your second grade students master the concept of replacing common and proper nouns with pronouns. Your students will rewrite sentences with common and proper nouns and replace them with pronouns like: he, she, it, we, they, me, him, her, us, and them. Teaching this concept will be a breeze!

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Choose the Pronoun

Circle the correct pronoun to complete each of the sentences. Then write your own sentences.

2nd grade pronouns worksheet
Choose the Pronoun Worksheet

Re-write Sentences with Pronouns

Read each of the sentences and then re-write them using pronouns in the place of the proper nouns.

2nd grade pronouns in sentences worksheet
Re-write Sentences with Pronouns

Use Pronouns in Sentences

Practice using pronouns in sentences in this worksheet that asks kids to re-write each sentence using pronouns.

second grade pronouns worksheet
Use Pronouns in Sentences